NuMeet 2022

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Thank you for making the 3rd Edition of NuVentures’ Flagship CxO & Networking event a success

Friday, 29th April 2022

Highlights of NuMeet 2022

The highlights of NuMeet 2022 include 3 exciting debates on the topics of Cash Flow & Valuation, Social Impact, and, Diversity & Inclusion along with a session on Mindfulness’ by Gopi Krishnaswamy, Founder of The L.A.M.A. and Regional Lead at Google born leadership institute Search Inside Yourself. Venk Krishnan – Founder, NuVentures & NuWare briefly took the stage to talk about his vision for NuVentures. Among the key speakers and audience in attendance were Nithin Kamath – Founder, Zerodha, Kris Gopalakrishnan – Chairman, Axilor Ventures & Co-founder, Infosys, Prashanth Prakash – Partner, Accel, Akkai Padmashali – Founder, Ondede & Transgender Activist, Shekar Kirani – Partner, Accel, Anvitha Prashanth – Founder Go Native and Narayan Manepally – CEO, Geist.


Experience Zone & Geist Brewing Co. Tour

Debate: Cashflow & Valuation


Debate: Social Impact


Debate: Diversity & Inclusion


Networking and F&B

Meet the Speakers

NuMeet 2022, facilitated inspiring debates with industry stalwarts from the VC & entrepreneurial worlds, as statements were put forth and points of views challenged, to unearth realities and actionable takeaways.

Nithin Kamath

Founder & CEO at Zerodha

Karthik B. Reddy

Managing Partner at Blume Venture Advisors

Romita Mazumdar

Founder and CEO @ FoxTale

Radhika Ananth

Early stage investor at Accel

Aditi Shrivastava

Co-founder and CEO at Pocket Aces

Sushant Goel

Founder, Third Wave Coffee Roasters

Kosturi Ghosh

Founder, Third Wave Coffee Roasters

Narayan Manepally

CEO, Geist

Anvitha Prashanth

Founder at GoNative

Kailash Nadh

CTO, Zerodha

Lalitesh Katragadda

Founder, Indihood

Ishita Sawant

Founder & CEO @ Meolaa

Jyotsna Jayaram

Partner at Trilegal

Shreya Krishnan

SVP Marketing and Communications at Aon India

Ramakrishna (Ram) NK

Co-founder & MD at

Richa Singh

Founder, YourDost

Akkai Padmashali

Founder Ondede & Transgender Activist

Shoma Bakre

Founder, Let’s Do Some Good Foundation

Rahul Subramaniam

Co-founder, Hora.AI

Antra Bhargava

Head of Expansion at HCAH

About the Event

The thrilling world of VC is fast-changing and staying abreast becomes imperative to continue contributing in the right capacity and value. NuVentures believes that a key approach for the same is the continual exchange of knowledge and collaboration with peers, portfolio companies, partners, and the progressively innovative startup ecosystem. Since its inception in 2017, NuMeet has progressed to much more than a CxO day & portfolio meetup and has been making steady headway in building a dynamic ecosystem and addressing sustainable real-world problems in the Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial worlds. The 3rd edition of NuMeet was a memorable confluence that brought together NuVentures’ partners, advisors, founders, and the extended network, intending to build relationships beyond what an investment partner can facilitate. Sprawled under a 100 year old Banyan tree, the Geist Beer Garden, Bangalore, provided the perfect setting for the gathering and included a tour of their zero-liquid-discharge (ZLD) brewery. Guests were also treated to a curated ‘Experience Zone’ that focussed on supporting social impact organisations, under the NuSocial banner.

About NuVentures

Through our extensive network of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs, we strive to build a dynamic ecosystem of founders, curating sustainable solutions for real-world problems. The team at the helm comprises veterans and leaders in the technology and VC spheres with a core belief that any solution while addressing need-of-the-hour problems, must be human-centric and have sustainability at its heart, to breakthrough as a winner. As an early-stage investment fund, our primary goal is to make new entrepreneurs successful. We help our entrepreneurs decide what their unique business requires to succeed and back them in all that it takes to succeed. NuVentures strives to realize your vision with personalized, thoughtful, and expeditious support.

Our Sponsors

It is not possible to host several seminars in different locations without helping hands. We have several sponsors who volunteer to help us physically and financially to make things happen.